PÖFF TV Studio


    Meet Ann Sirot, the director of "Madly in Life"

    Ann Sirot introduced the film's background and what inspired her to create the film "Madly in Life".

    Meet Edson Sidonie, the producer of "Karnawal"

    Take a look behind the scenes of "Karnawal" through the eyes of producer Edson Sidonie.

    Mikk Granström and #PÖFFTRENDING

    Black Nights Film Festival CEO Mikk Granström gives an overview about #PÖFFTRENDING and what has been the most interesting moments from he's time in PÖFF.

    Meet Paul Thitlges, member of the Baltic Competition jury

    How many films has Paul Thilgtes seen in one day and what makes a film great? Watch the interview with him and find out!

    Meet Marian Võsumets, the director of "The Body Fights Back"

    Marian Võsumets, the director of "The Body Fights Back" tells us about the inspiration behind this film and opens the world behind doing documentaries.

    Meet Hanna-Greth Peetson, assistant of Programme Coordinator

    Hanna-Greth tells us what was her first experience with PÖFF and what she enjoys the most about her work.

    Just Film Children's Rights Programme

    Children's Rights Programmers Triin Sooäär and Liisa-Lotta Jürgenson discuss how did they get this oppurtunity and what movies can you find in this programme.

    Meet Heinrich Sepp, Shorts marketing and communications coordinator

    Shorts marketing and communications coordinator Heinrich Sepp gives an overview about Shorts and introduces this years cassettes.

    Meet Dace Puce, the director of "The Pit"

    To find about more about "The Pit", see what the director Dace Puce said about the relationship between the boy and the sailor and more!

    Meet Giedrė Žickytė, the director of "The Jump"

    Film "The Jump" tells the story based on real events. Let's find out the story behind this and other insights to filming process!

    Meet Frederic Hambalek, the director of "Model Olimpia”

    Director of "Model Olimpia" Frederic Hambalek reveals what happens behind the scenes and what he wants to say to the audience with this film.

    Meet Laurence Boyce, Short Film Programme Director

    Short Film Programme Director Laurence Boyce tells us a bit more about PÖFF Shorts and what he likes the most about it.

    Meet Vassilis Kroustallis, Animation Programme Director

    Are animated films only meant for children and what films should people definately see? Animation Programme Director Vassilis Kroustallis gives answers to these questions.

    Meet Simone Baumann, managing director of German Films

    Managing Director of German Films Simone Baumann tells us a bit more about German cinema scene and gives suggestions which film festivals to visit in Germany.

    Meet Helmut Jänes, organiser of Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival

    What was it like to organise a film festival that was entirely online? What were some funny things that happened during first years of PÖFF? Find out about this and much more in the interview with Helmut Jänes!

    Meet winners of Student Academy Award

    Producers of "My Dear Corpses" tells us about winning Student Academy Award and what was the biggest struggles of filming.

    Meet Annika Koppel, member of the FIPRESCI jury

    Annika Koppel tells us how difficult it actually is to be a member of a jury and what her first experience with PÖFF was.

    Meet Mika Kaurismäki, director of "Gracious night"

    Director of "Gracious night" Mika Kaurismäki gives insite into how it was to shoot a film during a pandemic and also explaines why there was no script for the film.

    Meet Markus Köcher, Goethe institute culture programme coordinator

    To know more about Goethe Institute and PÖFF collaboration and German cinema scene, see the interview with Markus Köcher.

    Meet Eugen Jebeleanu and Conrad Mericoffer from "Poppy field"

    The director and the actor from "Poppy field" tell us a bit more about the inspiration behind this film and what was the most difficult part of the flming process.

    Meet Emek Kavukcuoglu and Jan Krüger from "Cortex"

    Take a look behind the unknown world behind dreams with the producers of "Cortex".

    Meet Jürgen Rahula, program manager of Apollo Kino

    Is it safe in the cinemas? What intersting films might we see? All of this and more will be answered by Jürgen Rahula.

    Meet Dmitry Rudakov, the director of "Sententia"

    Director of "Sententia" tells us more about his new movie.

    Meet Karen Burns, co-founder and manager of Visory.ai

    Visory.ai co-founder and CEO Karen Burns tells us more about self-marketing and what are current trends right now.

    Meet Toomas Ili from Elisa

    PÖFF's long-term sponsor and partner Elisa talks about the state of the Estonian cinema scene and what films we should watch.

    Meet Matt Wilkinson, member of "Rebels with a Cause” jury

    Matt Wilkinson gives a overview about what is so special about PÖFF and what makes a movie a good movie.

    Meet Vanja Kaludjercic, festival director of International Film Festival Rotterdam

    The director of the International Film Festival Rotterdam tells us more about this festival and what are they planning to do to celebrate their 50th edition.

    Meet Tusse Lande, casting director

    Let's find out why she became a casting director and what projects is Tusse Lande the most proud of!

    Met Guy Bisson, Research Director in Ampere Analysis

    How has Covid-19 changed the way people watch films and how will it influence the industry? Get answers from interview with Guy Bisson!

    Meet composer Ardo Ran Varres

    What role does Music Meets Film play in the Estonan film music scene and why is music important for the film? Get answers to these questions and more from this interview with Ardo Ran Varres.

    Meet William Smith, Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event Marketing Coordinator

    What is Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event? What record did they break? Get the answers from this interview with William Smith.

    Meet Boris Baum, the director of "Bula"

    Take a look behind the scenes with the director of "Bula".

    Meet Chino Moya, the director of "Undergods"

    Where did they shoot this film? What was the bigger meaning behind all of this? Get the answers from interview with Chino Moya!

    Meet Denis Krupnov, the producer of "Parquet"

    Producer of "Parquet" tells what was the inspiration for this film and how difficult it is to move on from your past.

    Meet Ester Kuntu, member of the Official Competition Jury

    What is the work of a jury member and does being an actor change the way she evaluates the films? Find out from the interview with Ester Kuntu!