Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event 2020


    Global Screen Production – The Impact of Film and Television Production on Economic Recovery from COVID-19


    The session will be followed by a Q&A. If you have any questions, please send them to info.industry@poff.ee or message us at facebook.com/industrytallinn and we’ll pass them on to the moderator.

    European Film Forum Tallinn 2020


    The European Film Forum, as a debate and discussion platform on the future evolution of European cinema and film industry, will return to Tallinn on November 23, 2020, with a half a day virtual and hybrid summit of executive-level debates, case studies, and showcases on the most pressing topics for the European film, television, and content industry at the time of COVID.

    The focus themes of the 2020 edition are: 

    • The new industry leadership playbook at the time of COVID19 Pandemic - how to transform successfully through resilience and foresight
    • Redefining windows and rights: a time for European film distribution and exhibition value chain 2.0
    • How to reach the audience during a pandemic: A deep dive into the best practices of VOD, Livestreaming, Watch Parties and Alternative Distribution
    • Reimagining Film Festivals during lockdown: How have festivals adapted, failed, or succeeded and how to define the future role of the festivals at the European level and beyond
    • European Frontiers: The public-private model and European Copyright Infrastructure as an example of future European catalyst

    CORTEX – Are you dreaming or just watching an amazing film?


    Germany’s Moritz Bleibtreu directs and stars in Cortex, a multi-dimensional action piece screening as an Estonian premiere, part of Rebels with A Cause and PÖFF’s New German Cinema strand. A supermarket security guard struggles through nested elevated-genre plotlines and inventive set pieces.

    “The look of the film gives a sense of submersion, disorientation and of diving deep into the subconscious.”
    (Wendy Ide, Screen Daily) 

    After watching and experiencing CORTEX in the dark on the big screen you will be reminded of why we will always need movie theaters in our lives. A place where dreams truly come true – almost. 

    Director of photography Thomas W. Kiennast (THE DARK VALLEY, 3 DAYS IN QUIBERON) and Paul Andexel (Postproduction Producer) discuss the magic and technique of creating a visually stunning and mind-bending psychological thriller with a little help from post production.
    In collaboration with ARRI Media. 

    Speakers: Thomas W. Kiennast, Paul Andexel
    Moderator: Christoph Gröner